They lose all of the time, their best players have flown the coop and it costs just too darn much money to watch them play.  Those are just  a few of the many reasons to hate your favorite sports team.  The Bleacher has compiled a complete list of such reasons. See how many apply to your favorite team.

      • It trades its best player. (Warfield, Kosar...)
      • It fires or lets a legendary coach leave. (Schottenheimer)
      • It charges you tons of money for tickets and concessions.
          (All teams)
      • The style of play is boring to watch. (Metcalf up the middle)
      • The coach is a tool. (Belechik in the 90's)
      • It lets its best player walk away.  (Jim Thome - The Indians)
      • The owner is a tool. (Modell)
      • It is constantly in rebuilding mode.  (Browns, Cavs...) 
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