As we approach Mother's Day, (Sunday May the 11th) for anyone who hasn't Googled it lately.

First here's a video that REALLY points out how important Moms are!





Now, some friends of mine were putting together a list of reason that they find their mom irreplaceable. 

How many of these immediately give you visions of moments with YOUR mom.

Hopefully many. Don't forget if you are still lucky enough to have her, show your appreciation!



1. She cooks an amazing tuna noodle casserole.

2. She’ll drink a beer with her sons.

3. When a secretary interrupted a business meeting at work to tell her that her son was on the phone and wanted to know if he could have the tuna fish, she said "Yes, he can."

4. She hums in her sleep.

5. Her punishments usually took the form of cleaning the house. Now her adult boys are experts at cleaning, vacuuming and polishing.

6. She has a great laugh.

7. She loves animals.

8. Mom got me a job at Ace Hardware for a few summers where I learned as much about people as how to fill a Full Case order.

9. She volunteers to help kids that aren’t her own.

10. Mom always had McDonalds in the car when she picked me up from the art museum every Saturday.

11. Mom knows that Ohio State has the best damn band in the land.

12. Mom always made sure to let me know she loves me best. (It's out boys, with it.)

13. She wore the purple earrings I gave her when I was 7, even though they were horribly ugly.

14. She cheered us on when we played sports (loudly).

15. She once took us to get a hot fudge sundae. Ten minutes later we said we wanted another one and she took us to a different place and bought us another one!

16. She always has great advice.

17. She is the American dream. She started at her company moving boxes in the warehouse and rose to become one of the top executives in the company. AND she single handedly raised three rowdy boys while doing all that.

18. She likes to watch football.

19. When the youngest was a toddler, she would make the older two kiss him goodnight every night before he went to bed.

20. She always knows the right thing to say to make you feel better.

21. She is a great creator and lover of art. And she always made sure there was plenty of art in our house when we were going growing up.

22. She a great gardener and lover of plants.

23. She’s a formidable opponent on Words With Friends.

24. She can throw a football. And a baseball too.

25. She would go see even bad movies if we picked them.

26. From start to finish she is the biggest and most successful business story I know.

27. She taught me how to cook and even let me put raisin bran in the meatloaf.

28. She taught us how to be great managers without even knowing it.

29. She raised three kids on a limited salary and still made us feel spoiled all the time.

30. She’s a really good driver.

31. Mom always let us lick the beaters. Sometimes she even turned them off.

32. She makes the world a better place. From raising us to managing people to making family plans to dedicating herself to being a CASA, you can always count on Mom.

33. She’s finally on Facebook.

34. She has ESP spidey sense about her adult kids and knows if something is troubling us even if we don't tell her.

35. She taught us to have a sense of humor.

36. She wakes up early and makes coffee.

37. She can hold her own in a room full of truck drivers.

38. She flew halfway around the world to visit one crazy son who decided to live on Guam for three years.

39. She always forgave us when we did something we thought was unforgivable.

40. She was always the cool Mom that our friends wanted to come and visit. (Sometimes wanting to see her even more than us! )

41. She taught us to get up early, work hard, be nice and respectful to other people and you will get ahead in life. She was right!

42. She has done amazing, life-changing work as a child advocate at CASA.

43. She makes the coolest, most beautiful quilts that are our prized possessions.

44. When I come to visit, my dog sneaks out of my bed at night and goes to sleep with her in her bed instead.

45. She always covers you up with a blanket if you fall asleep on the couch.

46. Every Christmas, she gives us each our own stocking filled with hand-picked gifts and a Matchbox car.

47. Mom taught us that the world does not owe us a living. And she showed us by her work ethic.

48. Mom always make sure we knew how to pin our dates boutonniere on. Thank you.

49. Mom taught me to love working in the garden. I learned from her that it's not so much what you plant as it is how you feel after you've planted it.

50. Mom always makes the best sloppy Joe's.

51. She would do anything for her sons.

52. She taught me how to throw a baseball.

53. I can hear her snoring all the way in Denver.

54. She never caught us when we took the car out before anyone was 16.

55. Her laugh with her head thrown back, is about as genuine as it gets.

56. She always says to, "make time for yourself, Sonny." So I do.

57. She thinks before she speaks.

58. She can keep a secret.

59. She still says she loves the green clip on costume earrings I bought for her birthday when I was in second grade.

60. She'll drink a beer with you.

61. She traveled all over the place to countless sporting events from wrestling to football to baseball to lacrosse she was always there.

62. Mom always keep an open heart and taught us to do the same.

63. She’s not afraid to ride the Corkscrew at Cedar Point.

64. She can run the hell out of her retail support center.

65. She’s a good golfer.

66. Mom always says Oh Boy, (like Pop (RGL) did) when the server brings the food.

67. Mom always made sure her boys were polite and pointed out how important that is in the world.

68. She would take us to eat at Olga's (my favorite) even though my brothers thought it was "carnival food."

69. She was always on our side no matter what!

70. She's OUR MOM!!