This Is Why You Shouldn't Bring Your Dog To See 'Cats' On Broadway

If you are planning on seeing Andrew Llyod Webber's hit musical 'Cats' on Broadway, it might be a good idea to leave your dog at home. During a recent show at the Neil Simon Theatre, a service dog got loose and started running toward the stage. 

According to Page Six, the dog got free from it's owner and started to go after Bombalurina during the opening number. Luckily, an usher was able to stop the dog before it could reach the stage and "returned the wayward canine to its mortified owner." A spokesperson for the show said it was the first time that something like this has happened:

In the storied history of ‘Cats,’ this is the first time one of the actual cats was involved in an incident with a dog. We’re pleased to report that no animals or humans were harmed in the dust-up, and the performance continued without a hitch.

Photo: Getty Images


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