Truck Driver Records 47-Car Pile-Up On Icy Missouri Highway


A semi-truck driver recorded dramatic video from the middle of a 47-car pile-up during a significant snowstorm on I-70 in Missouri. Jamon Weaver and his wife sat and watched as cars and trucks slid across the icy roadway and collided with a growing wall of vehicles in front of them.

Weaver told KHSB that both he and his wife were fine following the crash. They waited until it was safe and went outside to try to help other drivers who were trapped.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Sgt. Collin Stosberg said that a single accident around 11:30 a.m. sparked the chain reaction crash. The heavy snow caused white-out conditions, and by the time motorists could see the crashed cars ahead of them, it was too late to slow down.

Authorities said that one person died and seven people were injured in the crash.


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