Alta Florist & Greenhouse donates 100 trees to City of Mansfield

Mansfield, Ohio – Mayor Tim Theaker is pleased to announce the City of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission has received a generous donation of 100 trees from Alta Florist & Greenhouse in honor of Alta’s 100th Anniversary. Owner’s Josh Maurer and Michael Henry serve as members of the Shade Tree Commission (Mr. Maurer for 17 years and Mr. Henry 18 years). Throughout their tenure, they have volunteered countless hours to residents and the city with their recommendations, working with other members to host bi-yearly public education meetings, education in the schools, coordinated the annual Arbor Day Celebration, developed a “walking Arboretum” along the bike trail, and countless other tasks, all in some very lean years, with no budget and when it was reinstated a very minimal budget. Due to their knowledge of the need and recognizing that due to budget restraints, oftentimes, when trees had to be removed there were simply no funds to replace the trees. Therefore, to commemorate Alta’s 100-year anniversary, they wanted to give a gift to the City of 100 trees to help replace trees in areas requiring attention.

Thanks to their generosity, the Clearfork Reservoir Campaign, which suffered significant devastation in the campgrounds from the 2022 tornadoes will be receiving 10 Quercus macrocarpa (Burr Oak) and 20 Platanus a. Bloodgood (London Plane Tree) for a total of 30 trees to aid in the replacement program. The trees will be planted by Lexington Scout Troop # 152 with the assistance of leaders and staff of Clearfork.

The remaining 70 trees include 30 Malus Royal Raindrop (Crabapple) and 40 Purnus c. Newport (Purple Leaf Flowering Plum) to be planted in various locations throughout the City of Mansfield which require replacement trees. The Rotary Club of Mansfield has volunteered to take the planting of the trees as their project for the 27th Annual Earth Stewardship Celebration, and one of their service projects. (Several years ago, these same members planted 6 trees in Central Park as part of their 100-year anniversary).

Mayor Theaker said, “The donation of 100 trees, with a total value of $15,259.00 by Alta totally took us by surprise. Alta has been so very generous with donations in the past, and Mr. Maurer and Mr. Henry’s service on the Commission has been invaluable. It is because of their commitment, along with other members of the Commission, we have been able to maintain our Tree City USA status for 28 years. Not only have they donated these beautiful trees, but also have taken on more hours of volunteering as they will be marking the locations for the trees to be planted. This coordinated effort and their generosity to the City of Mansfield is greatly appreciated. The City of Mansfield accepts this donation with sincere gratitude and look forward to joining Alta when they officially celebrate 100 years of service to our community in August.”

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