Mansfield City Council Votes against Moratorium on Cannabis Dispensaries

Mansfield City Council on Tuesday, voted 5-3, against a 6 month moratorium on cannabis dispensaries operating in town, which, reports, gives companies the green light to apply for a license to operate a dispensary in Mansfield.

Mansfield Mayor, Jodie Perry, said, now that we have council's decision, I am very intent on making sure we are a model community for how we enact it. Perry mentioned about talking with other communities that have dispensaries, and have done it successfully, those are the ones we are calling for best practices.

Back on June 4th, a company official told Mansfield officials that a dispensary in town could see tax revenue of $4 million over a 10 year period.

Perry said, the first thing is to examine the city's zoning codes to determine what regulations need to be in place.

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Photo: Muhammad Farhad / iStock / Getty Images

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