Ohio Lt. Gov. Unveils New, Online Law Enforcement Recruitment Website

(VANDALIA, Ohio)—Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Director of InnovateOhio, and Andy Wilson, Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, today were joined by law enforcement leaders to announce a new resource that will assist local law enforcement agencies with recruitment efforts. The new, user-friendly, and free website, powered by OhioMeansJobs.com, aims to better connect law enforcement agencies across the state with potential employees, addressing a need brought forward by law enforcement officials.

"Our administration has always aimed to invest in the tools that law enforcement agencies need to keep our communities safe, and right now, many sheriffs and police chiefs are telling us that their greatest need is more staff," said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. "With support from OhioMeansJobs, we’re now making it easier than ever for agencies all over the state to attract qualified law enforcement professionals to fill job openings."

"Our law enforcement agencies are struggling to fill their essential positions, which are crucial for safe communities," said Lt. Governor Husted. "This specialized recruitment tool will give them a recruiting edge and save them time and money."

The state’s new law enforcement recruitment website, LawEnforcementJobs.Ohio.gov, instantly connects prospective recruits with up-to-date job postings and advises them on the next steps. As new agencies opt-in, candidates will be able to search for open jobs from any of Ohio’s over 900 law enforcement agencies. Prospective recruits will also have the ability to search for jobs by agency, county, or current location from agencies including police departments, sheriff’s offices, and other entities such as park districts and state agencies.

In addition to the recruitment website, the “Join the Blue” statewide law enforcement recruitment marketing campaign was recently launched to encourage individuals with the traits of dependability, intelligence, confidence, sincerity, and inspiration to find a rewarding career in law enforcement. The campaign directs individuals to visit JoinTheBlue.org to be connected with the Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment within the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

"Ohioans are safer when their local law enforcement agencies have an adequate number of officers to protect their communities," said Andy Wilson, director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, which houses the Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment. "The OhioMeansJobs dedicated law enforcement jobs website will further enhance our comprehensive efforts to solve one of the most pressing needs for law enforcement today."

"I am excited to see this new feature on the OhioMeansJobs website that potential police applicants have in accessing and searching for public safety employment opportunities across Ohio," said Vandalia Police Chief Kurt Althouse. "In a time when it has been challenging to recruit new individuals to serve and protect our communities, this tool provides a central repository site where young men and women can quickly learn about various public safety careers available to them. I commend Lt. Governor Husted and his team at InnovateOhio and OhioMeansJobs for offering this technology to enhance policing recruitment in Ohio."

Today’s announcement represents the latest tools from the DeWine-Husted Administration to bolster the ranks of law enforcement agencies statewide. Previous efforts have included the distribution of approximately $100 million to first responders through the Ohio First Responder Recruitment, Retention, and Resilience Program for recruitment and retention efforts, to support wellness programs addressing mental, physical, and emotional health issues unique to first responders, and more.

LawEnforcementJobs.Ohio.gov was created through a partnership between InnovateOhio, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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