Olympic Food - Athletes "Hungry" To Win

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Olympic Food By The Numbers: The Paris Olympics kick off on July 26th and feeding the athletes is a major feat. With over 10-thousand competitors, a lot of food is needed. So here’s the breakdown from Sodexo Live!, the company in charge of the meals.

  • There are four nutrition themes: French, Asian, World and African-Caribbean, including halal options
  • There will be 500 recipes
  • 2 million meals will be prepared for the athletes, with 40,000 meals being served daily
  • There will be 3 million bananas brought in for the athletes to eat
  • There will be 27 tons of coffee — and 40 tons of coffee residue as the grinds will be reused as fertilizer
  • Plant-based ingredients will make up about one-third of the food
  • 600–800 baguettes will be baked a day for the Olympic athletes
  • 30-percent of the food will be organic
  • The main dining hall will have 47,000 reusable plates instead of disposable plates for the first time ever
  • Avocados will not be available to those in the Olympic Village because they would need to be imported from a great distance and require lots of water to grow
  • There will be a condiment bar with 85 different options

Source: New York Post

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