Delta has banned more than 1600 Passengers and the want to share the list!

CBS NEWS reports "More than 1,600 people have been banned by Delta Airlines since the federal government has required airplane passengers to wear masks — and now, the company wants other airlines to share their ban lists. 

The number of people on those internal lists, separate from the federal no-fly list, topped4,000 as of May, though the figure has likely increased since. That number does not include passengers banned by American and Southwest airlines, as those companies do not release their data.

"We've also asked other airlines to share their "no fly" list to further protect airline employees across the industry – something we know is top of mind for you as well. A list of banned customers doesn't work as well if that customer can fly with another airline," said a memo reviewed by CBS News that was sent to flight attendants Wednesday."

What do you think is the reason that there are SO many out of control passengers on flights now?

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