Matt Appleby: Kingston Has Me Thinking

Kingston of Ashland sunny day

I'm really good at procrastinating particularly about the big stuff. You know, important life decisions. But after spending just one afternoon visiting Kingston of Ashland, and finding out what they're all about, I've been thinking alot about the "what ifs" and "whens".  What if I get injured...fall off a ladder and break a bone, or slip on an icy sidewalk and sprain an ankle? How will I recover and get back to work and back to doing the things I love like playing with my Grandkids.  Here's one way Kingston can help.  I've learned that we have a choice where we can rehab from an injury and I've learned that Kingston specializes in skilled nursing short term rehabilitation.  They're goal is for me to come in, heal and go home and with all of their therapists full-time and on-site that's what you get.  I like the "go home" part!