Matt Appleby: Are You Ready For The Future

Kingston of Ashland, street view

Are you prepared for the future?  That sounds so ominous, right? But it is a valid question.  I don't anticipate I'll need for rehab anytime soon and I tell my self I'm too young for long term care. But what about other members of my family, specifically my Mom? If we know we have something coming up, generally speaking we plan for it.  Say, for example, I have a medical procedure coming up  that's going to require rehabilitation. Or we need to look at long term care. We'd like to know where that's going to take place, where it is, what they offer. My first step was to spend some time on Kingston's website... I got a lot of my questions answered right there. I learned more about their various levels of care and their staffing. Then I took a deep breath and exhaled. Done with step one. That felt good!  I guarantee you that if you've been thinking about these things and you take this same small first step you'll feel better. You're on a fact finding mission and that will help you accomplish something. You'll be headed in the right direction. Visit


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