Matt Appleby: Big Decisions Require Big time Prep

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At a recent family dinner I brought up the topic of long term care. I won't say it fell on deaf ears but it certainly wan't received with a rousing "Hey, that's a great idea! Let's make plans for Mom's golden years right now".  I didn't expect much more from my siblings. I think though i planted the seed and little by little it will grow.  We really can't ignore the fact that the day will come that Mom won't be able to take care of herself , that her daily routines will become too challenging and maybe her health will fail.  We really should treat this inevitable process the same as we would all of the big things , big decisions in our lifes.  None of us have purchased a car without diving deep into a Consumer Reports study or devoured all we could online, taken a test drive or three, shopped for the loan then made the deal. Same goes with house hunting except 100 times more in depth. Open houses, neighborhood tours, school districts, crime rates, move-in ready or not.  How about planning for a, dresses, invitations, cake, photographer,entertainment, reception hall, can be a nightmare decision!  But we do it and we do our best to make fully informed decisions.  So why wouldn't we do the same if we're injured and we're going to need to rehab from that injury, or if it's time to make the call and place a loved one in long term care.  We really should put the same amount of time and effort into making a smart informed decision into those big life events as we would anything else. We'll start by going online to


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