Do You Have a Game Plan?

     I recently enjoyed my last week of vacation. Some of it was spent playing with our Grandkids. Some of it was spent shopping for our Grandkids. Before my wife and I even set foot outside of the house we must have a "game plan".  Trust me, this time and even going clear back to before Thanksgiving we were making lists and checking them twice. Trying to decide if anything was worth standing in long lines for.  Is this toy going to hold up, is it safe, will I be constantly reassembling it or buying batteries every week. Is it the right gift in the first place? I sure hope so. Would I save money shopping the sale in person or ordering online?  Well I feel that the prep we put into our decisions for all the people on our list paid off.  We felt good about our efforts.

     Tell me, how much thinking, debating and preparing went into your gift shopping this season? If we only put that much effort into making the really big decisions in life like what we'll need to do when we need to rehab from a surgery or if Mom or Dad is getting too old to take care of themselves.  Kingston of Ashland's website a great resource for when you are investigating where to have short term rehabilitation or where to provide long term care for a loved one.  Seriously if ever there is a need to shop around, to plan ahead, to research, to check ratings, to make sure it's the right fit, it's when you are choosing a health care provider. Take the time to get your questions answered. Start at