1st Ever Appleby Christmas Jammie Party A Success!

Appleby Christmas Jammies 2018

I believe it was my sisters Lynnette & Susan (third and fourth from the left) who first suggested we spice up the annual family photo with something different or even crazy. The first effort, several years ago, saw me in super thick novelty glasses, a winter hat with ear flaps, and a Santa shirt. That eventually evolved into homemade "ugly" Christmas sweaters/shirts. This year saw the theme switch to Christmas Jammies.  You can see the results above.  We had a lot of fun shopping for our jammies and it made for a far more comfortable evening! (Kelly & I are on the right...Gramdma & Papa Elf) Check out these photos. It's fun for us to see how that family has changed! 

Appleby Christmas sweaters 2012
Appleby Christmas 2010
Appleby Christmas 2017


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