A Part Of My Childhood Died Today

And then there were two. Another member of the 1960's pop/rock group The Monkees is gone. Bassist, keyboardist and sometimes vocalist Peter Tork died today. Back when I was a child not a week went by without watching an episode of The Monkees TV show. The sitcom saw this quartet stir up hijinks at every turn and work in a couple of fun tunes for good measure. Peter was the sweet, naive one who always seemed to play the dullard. Michael Nesmith on guitar was the cerebral one, Mickey Dolenz on drums was completely nuts and Davy Jones , tambourine and sometimes lead vocalist, was the one the girls swooned over. So many of their songs will be stuck in my brain forever. "Daydream Believer", "Last Train To Clarksville" and of course the them song "Hey Hey We're The Monkees". I never got to see them perform live. I missed a chance to see Davy perform on a solo tour stop in Mansfield, Ohio at The Renaissance Theatre. Davy passed away February 29, 2012. Tork had undergone surgery in 2009 for a rare cancer of the tongue, but resumed his career within months and toured with The Monkees into 2018. Peter Thorkelson, born in Washington, D.C., passed away today at the age of 77.