"Shallow" At The Oscars. THIS Is How You Perform An Award Winning Love Song

The song "Shallow" from the movie "A Star Is Born" was a soundtrack standout from the start. (and maybe not the best song from the movie - listen to "I'll Never Love Again".) Then it became a radio hit. Recently we saw a video of Bradley Cooper joining his movie co-star Lady Gaga on stage at her Vegas concert for a live performance of the Oscar nominated tune. And then came awards night. What we witnessed was an extraordinary live television event shot exquisitely. As it turns out it was Cooper's idea to shoot it with one continuous camera shot from the rear of the stage showing the Hollywood audience behind the artists. Cooper and Gaga took the stage hand in hand from their seats and faced each other from either end of the piano. Gaga then took her seat on the piano bench to play and sing her verse where ultimately Cooper would join her for a cheek-to-cheek finish. A-maz-ing!