Avengers: Endgame - Matt's Thoughts And Potty Strategy

First of all let me say I will not SPOIL anything about the movie "Avengers:Endgame" other than to say it is great and long! Three hours long. Longer if you count the amount of time you spend in line for snacks, in line for your seats, watching previews and sitting through post-movie credits waiting for the traditional Marvel tease(s). Knowing that I would be sharing a large cherry-cola with Kelly I was concerned there might be a need for a potty break which during the movie would be a bad idea. I had read , on the internet, if you have to go...go before the final hour of the movie. The article referenced also suggested a couple of moments that, when they arrived, would be a good time to hop up and head to the restroom. I'm glad I did not follow those suggestions as those scenes were good and essential to the experience. Here's how I handled the potty issue. I went before we left home, I went approximately 20 minutes before the posted start time and I went (immediately) after the credits and the lights came on. Surprisingly the men's room was not crowded at the end of the film. So...yay for me! Should this sort of timing not work for you, email me at mattappleby@iheartmedia.com and I'll share some suggested potty break times. Otherwise there are products you can purchase that may help. (see photo below)

As far as the movie itself goes, I truly loved it! I feel that any other comments would spoil this event motion picture for you. You do not have to be a complete super hero movie geek to enjoy it or understand it. Watching some or all of the Marvel movies from the last 10 years will assist and watching "Avengers:Infinity Wars" before "Endgame" really is a must. Enjoy! I can say no more!