Kelly Sheehan: So I Tried To Make Lego Head Pops And...

I was asked to make a special treat for our Grandson's 6th birthday. The party was Lego-themed so this Pinterest idea was passed along to me. We were shooting for "Everything Is Awesome" but ended up with "Have A Nice Day" smiley faces. "Pinterest Fail"? You decide.

It seemed easy enough. Slide a standard marshmallow on a cake-pop stick followed by a mini Marshmallow to simulate a Lego head complete with its little connector peg on top. Then dip in melting chocolate and draw faces on them. That's where I got tripped up. Right off the bat writing with one of those cake gel tubes does not work. It goes on too thick. Now in full scramble mode I called around and found edible markers (Thank you Meijer). You can be way more precise with these however I found they have such a fine tip they kind of carve into the chocolate coating. I'm wondering if refrigerating or freezing the Lego heads before trying to draw faces would help. And I recommend you have some idea what Lego characters look like. Search the internet for "images of lego people" or just grab a couple of your kids lego people toys for reference. If you have any thoughts or tips send me an email and any pictures of your project to Bottom line they tasted fantastic regardless of their faces!

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