Matt Has A Serious Problem!

Hi! Do you ever get water in your basement? If you have I may have a solution for you! This is Matt Appleby for Everdry Waterproofing of Toledo which is now serving Mansfield and the surrounding counties. I want to share my story, what led me to seek they're services.

Kelly and I have lived in our home for over twenty years. It's a small home with a full basement that includes a laundry room, utility/furnace room and a finished rec room that takes up half of the usable space. It's also known as the man cave or the room dedicated to our favorite college and pro teams. For a while we kept up the necessary routine maintenance of having storm drains snaked. We had new gutters with screens over them installed. We also run a dehumidifier in the spring, summer and fall. Over time we've let things go. We never had standing water but we have water seeping in, damp carpet, mildew smells and yes...MOLD! Ignoring the problem didn't make it go away. We've spent the last five years pretty much avoiding that room and telling the Grandchildren "no you can't play down there until we get it fixed." Well, now it's time to get it fixed.

We spent a whole afternoon with Scott Kahler from Everdry of Toledo. Scott performed a thorough inspection of the interior of the basement and the foundation. Scott answered all of our questions and helped us decide which of their services would be the right solution.

We as the homeowners have the responsibility of making room for the Everdry crew to work. That means packing up all of the memorabilia, CDs, records, DVDs and getting them to storage somewhere else. That explains the mask I'm wearing in the photo. Did you know not all breathing masks are the same? I need the one designed to be used around mold. It's quite a chore so far and there's so much more for us to do. But I can't wait to reclaim my basement. Once the waterproofing is complete, Everdry, as a way of thanking me for my testimonials, will be providing me with their Durashield wall panels. That will really dress up the entire space!

Keep watching my blog. I'll be sharing more of our story and photos of the process and progress. If you are in a similar situation I suggest you schedule and inspection at Or call 419-469-1780. Use promo code 101.3.


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