How To Prep For Waterproofing - Throw A Purge Party!

Appleby & The Purge

The Great Purge! Hi this is Matt Appleby for Everdry Waterproofing of Toledo which is now serving Mansfield and surrounding counties. Last week I began telling you the story of my relationship with Everdry and our joint mission to reclaim our basement.

Step One was the sit down with Everdry Waterproofing of Toledo and picking the right options for us.

Step Two is purging out the bad air with the Everdry EZ-Breathe Ventilation System which is designed to improve air quality, provide allergy and asthma relief and remove moisture from my home to prevent mold growth. MOLD is my sworn enemy and we have more than our share of it as you'll see in the pictures.

Step Three...purging out the "stuff", years, decades of accumulated "stuff" much of which was laid to rest in a large rented dumpster. Hundreds of dollars in furniture was ruined by the water that made it's way into my basement. The good "stuff" was hauled off to a storage locker via a rented box truck. We still have some to sort through before the basement is officially ready for the next step.

How do you complete this overwhelming task you ask? First you have an amazing spouse who was a packing machine in her spare time. Then you throw a "Purge Party"! Put on a pot of chili and invite some friends and family over to help. Justin, Ron, John, Dina and J.R. we are eternally grateful to you all!

Check out the photos and check back for updates. Once the waterproofing is complete, Everdry, as a way of thanking me for my testimonials, will be providing me with their Durashield wall panels. That will really dress up the entire space! Honestly we can't wait!

Don't let your damp basement problems get out of hand like we did. Schedule your inspection at or call 419-469-1780 and use promo code 101.3 when prompted to say where you heard about their service.


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