Matt's Basement: Stripped To The Bare Walls! Check Out The Progress!

Hi this is Matt Appleby for EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo.I’m on vacation this week but I wanted to keep you up to date on our basement waterproofing project. We’ll spend the week finishing our purge and some clean-up before the trenching begins next week.

The demolition crew has come and gone. Probably the most efficient bunch I’ve ever seen.Thanks to Tim, Cody and Seth! All of the moldy paneling, drywall, carpet and padding is gone.We have been stripped down to the foundation walls.

Just to remind you we chose the EverDry Multi-step System… the inside, outside and indoor environmental approach that solves the current problem and prevents future ones.This will also improve the comfort and health of our home.

I was asked how we decided on EveryDry Waterproofing of Toledo in the first place. We sought out recommendations from friends and family. We researched online the options available then scheduled a sit down and estimate with Everdry Waterproofing of Toledo.We quickly learned this was the best way to direct water out of house and keep it away from our house. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

We are both very excited about reclaiming our basement.We’re thinking about flooring options and various furniture combinations.And we are so looking forward to the big reveal for the Grandkids. Eventually there will be lots of sports to enjoy in the revamped man-cave!

You know this means fixing issues in laundry room, and furnace/storage room, too.This is going to look so good when finished off with the Durashield wall panels. EverDry is providing me with the Durashield product in exchange for my testimonials.

I recommend if you have water in your basement or are concerned you might have even bigger problems schedule an estimate by visiting and use promo code 1013.


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