Reclaiming My Basement With EverDry - The Trenching Phase

The air is cool, the leaves are falling, the jackhammers are...hammering! That's Autumn 2019 at our house! Hi, this is Matt Appleby for EverDry of Toledo which is now serving Mansfield and the surrounding counties. The next phase in our mission to reclaim our basement is underway. We've reached the digging and trenching portion of the project. A crew of at lease five , led by John, hit the ground running with shovels and jackhammers in hand.Inside they're digging the trench at the base of the exterior walls to install PVC pipe that will direct the water to a sump-pump and out of my house. Outside they're trenching to seal the foundation and install PVC pipe to direct water away from my house. Some of what they encountered were roots as big around as baseball bats, no doubt a part of what caused our water problems. Now, having seen this EverDry crew in action...skilled, focused and efficient...well, it's no wonder they have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. The next step, and it will happen very soon, will be the installation of the DuraShield wall panels which I'll receive in return for my testimonials.

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