Everdry Waterproofing Puts A Wrap On Their Work At Matt's House

Hello again! This is Matt Appleby. My partnership with EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo continues. We contracted for their Multi Step system which means indoor and outdoor solutions to my water problems. In exchange for these testimonials EverDry agreed to provide for me their Durashield wall panels.

Over the past week the EverDry crew was at our house to install the Durashield panels but not before the completed the trenching inside and out, laying the pipe, sealing the trenches, and more. Prior to any of this work getting done it was our job basically to make room for them to work. That included the packing and the purging I've spoken of before. This week I was responsible for trimming back a large bush in front of the house to clear the way for the guys to trench and seal. I didn't want to lose this large shrub altogether so a serious grooming was in order. Another area that needed special attention was the deck at the back of the house. The deck runs right up against the back of the house where more trenching and sealing was needed. Instead of having the deck completely torn out I let the pros from EverDry cut about two feet off the floor of the deck to give them access to dig. We'll patch or replace the floor of the deck later. This week's work also included the installation of the sump pump and it battery back-up. They got the outside trenches complete, areas without trenches were sealed and the inside trenches are all seal up with concrete. What really made a difference in the appearance of the basement was the hanging of the Durashield panels. The final steps were adding trim to those panels, washing down those panels and floor, cleaning up their work areas and they were finished.

EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo has an A-Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and I've seen first hand how they earned it. If you have a damp musty moldy basement take a look at my previous installments here on my blog pages, look at the photos and if your situation looks anything like mine did schedule your inspection with EverDry Toledo. You can do that at www.everdrytoledo.com or by calling 419-469-1780. and use promo code 101.3.


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