EverDry Of Toledo's Great Product And Great Crew Reason For A+ Rating

Matt & The EverDry Crew

This is Matt Appleby. My partnership with EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo has reached the conclusion of the actual work. We contracted for their Multi Step system which meant indoor and outdoor solutions to my wet basement problems. In exchange for these testimonials EverDry provided for me with their Durashield wall panels.

I have to tell you our experience with home remodeling and repair has had its ups and downs. We've had a company that broke our trust almost immediately, while another provided no results yet still charged us a high fee. Others have done good work at a reasonable price. EverDry of Toledo, however, set the bar so high anyone else who ever works at our home will have big boots to fill.

The members of the EverDry Toledo crew are very professional, skilled, efficient, respectful and pleasant to be around. They did a really nice job cleaning up after themselves, too. This is certainly part of why they have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their work is done. We have only to allow the concrete that's over the indoor trenches to completely dry. We can then proceed with laying down some flooring, installing trim and doing some furniture shopping. All of that is part of the next phase of reclaiming our basement.

Our sincere thanks to Scott, Tim, Cody, Seth, Jonathon, Tyler, Gage, Austin, Ryan, Scot and John. (I think that's all of them. Apologies if we missed anyone)

If you have a damp musty moldy basement, it's not going to fix itself. Don't let it get any worse. Give some serious thought to working with EverDry of Toledo. Learn more about their variety of waterproofing solutions at www.everdrytoledo.com. That's where you can schedule your inspection or you can call 419-469-1780. Use promo code 101.3.


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