The Potential To Create The Room Of Our Dreams Thanks To EverDry of Toledo!

EverDry of Toledo - Appleby Home - Blank Slate

Hi! This is Matt Appleby and I'm here to tell you more about my experience with EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo, which now serves Mansfield and the surrounding counties. Their Multi Step system,with the indoor and outdoor solutions to our wet basement problems, is helping us reclaim our basement. In exchange for these testimonials EverDry agreed to provide for me their Durashield wall panels.

Today I want to talk to you about potential. The potential we have to create a space that is better than it ever was. My pictures have shown you how we've gone from a damp, musty, moldy and complete cluttered space , stripped down to the foundation walls and now sporting the EverDry Durashield wall panels. Now it's like we're starting with a blank slate. Our basement has the potential to be customized to whatever we dream of. Of course we'll still want to feature our favorite sports teams but maybe in a way we've hadn't imagined.New flooring has been chosen and we'll be adding trim, baseboard, new furnishings. And with the Durashield wall panels , which are paintable, and our flooring choice the laundry will have a fresh clean upgrade as well.

Your wasted space has so much potential, too.But you've got to get the water out of and away from your basement. I know for a fact this problem will not fix itself.Call EverDry of Toledo today at 419-469-1780 and use promo code 101.3 when scheduling your inspection. Plus you can learn more at


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