I'm Thankful This Company Helped Me Reclaim My Basement!

Hi! This is Matt Appleby and , since it's that time of the year I'm here to tell you why I'm thankful for EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo. I'm thankful they now serve Mansfield and the surrounding counties. I'm thankful for the really smart men and women that developed their Multi Step system. I'm also thankful that I partnered with them to fix our wet basement problems. I'm thankful as well for the Durashield panels they have provided for me in exchange for these testimonials.

For years we knew we were getting "some" water in our basement and generally blowing a fan or running a dehumidifier would do the trick.As time went on the musty smell got worse and we noticed mold around the base of tables, shelves and the entertainment center. I thought the good old steam carpet cleaner would take care of that.Well, that was a temporary fix and the cycle repeated. It got to the point where we just stopped using our basement for anything other than storage and laundry. Oh and that's another thing. We like to air-dry some things instead of running them through the drier. We had to stop hanging clothes to dry in the basement or placing them on drying racks down there because it would retain the stinky musty basement smell. And with mold spores wafting thru the air we were really endangering our health. So we called EverDry of Toledo. Problem solved!

Does any of that sound familiar? Damp floors, musty smells, mold, uninhabitable areas to live and work in.inside your home? Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Schedule your inspection today and reclaim your basement.

Call EverDry of Toledo today at 419-469-1780 and use promo code 101.3 when scheduling your inspection. Plus you can learn more at www.everdrytoledo.com.


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