"Fix The Walls All Wet & Moldy, FaLaLaLaLa-LaLaLaLa"

Have you started decorating for the holidays? For some of you that might mean an unpleasant moment of discovery. Hi! This is Matt Appleby here for EverDry Waterproofing of Toledo which now serves Mansfield and the surrounding counties. I partnered with them to fix our wet basement problems and they provided us with their DuraShield wall panels in exchange for these testimonials.

When you went to retrieve your holiday decorations from storage did any of the boxes or your artificial tree smell musty? Were any of the boxes wet?Any mold on any of totes or free-standing snowmen or Santa's you spent so much money on at the craft show? Or how about the Christmas train set? If that box is wet you may want to think twice before plugging in that train! This season of love and joy can quickly turn to discovery and disgust! There's no better gift that you and your spouse can give each other than to put a stop to your damp, musty moldy basement for good! Put an end to those mold spores drifting thru the air and endangering your health. Our basement was a disaster so we called EverDry of Toledo. Problem solved!

Reclaim your basement with EverDry of Toledo and give your family a nice, clean, dry and healthy place to play with all of those new toys Santa brought. Don't ignore the problem any longer. Schedule your inspection today at 419-469-1780 and use promo code 101.3 when scheduling your inspection. Plus you can learn more at www.everdrytoledo.com.


Appleby basement / before
Appleby basement / after

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