Corduroy Is Making A Comeback!

I admit I'm a bit surprised corduroy is making a comeback. General speaking it wasn't the most comfortable fabric and it almost always was too warm for the occasion. I had a tan corduroy suit that I wore to a high school dance. It was a matching three piece number which looked great with a chocolate brown wide-collar shirt and brown platform shoes (for disco dancing of course). Anything corduroy I ever owned wore out quickly. The ribs of the corduroy wore off and left patchy bare areas that made me look like a dog with a skin allergy. In addition they, corduroy pants in particular, were noisy. For example when you walked your thighs would rub together, and the friction of the ribbed fabric make an unmistakable sound...Vrip-Vrip, Vrip-Vrip, Vrip-Vrip. I just might smile the next time I hear that sound.