Will The "Friends" Reunion Ever Happen?

"Friends" TV Show Apartment

"Friends" TV Show Apartment

Where is everybody? Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe? They were supposed to all get back together for an HBO special this summer. Get ready to be disappointed. There are conflicting reports about the planned Friends reunion. Either they're secretly taping via Zoom or the get together won't happen until California health officials lift the quarantine. According to Deadline Hollywood , last month, HBO postponed taping the one-time special. An alternative date for next month now seems out of the question. Therefore, the reunion with all six actors will not be available when HBO Max launches with 236 episodes of Friends. The U.K.'s The Sun reports that an unnamed insider claimed that Courteney Cox arranged a Zoom meeting with her former co-stars. Almost weekly, the six actors have discussed and brainstormed their reunion for HBO. According the source, (quote) “Their Zoom sessions have been brilliant fun. There's some hilarious material, which they hope can be aired as either a series of teasers, or even a stand-alone special.”

In the meantime, and much more importantly, stay safe, stay health and stay home! Missing out on or having to wait on an event like this is nothing compared to real life problems.

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