Call It Snack-N-Roll! We're So Bored We're Giving Bands Food Based Names!

We're home, we're bored, we're rocking out to:

Bread Paisley

Buns N’ Roses

Luke Fryin

Fleetwood Big Mac

Luke HoneyCombs

Bread Zeppelin

Morgan Waffle

Crosby, Stills and Hash

Hash Brown Band

Grain Day

Lady AnteJelly

Motley Croutons

Sam Bundt

Picnic! At The Disco

Casserole Underwood

Arctic Munchies

Kenny Cheeseney

Rage Against the Macaroni

Blake Shellfish

Thirty Seconds to Mars Bars

Justin Moore Please

Oreo Speedwagon

Jason Albean Salad

Gladys Knight and the Chips

Thomas Vinagrette

Here are some more for your consideration:

  • KFC and the Sunshine Band
  • Bob Marley and the Waffles
  • Salmon & Garfunkel
  • Hall and Oatmeal
  • The Almond Brothers
  • The Rolling Scones
  • Dairy QUEEN

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