How To End The Conversation

You really miss your friends and family and you love actually talking to them, yet sooner or later the conversation has to end even though we have no where else to go. Here are some great exit lines. give these a try:

  • "OK, gotta go. My Zoom yoga class starts in 10 minutes." Even when you have no Zoom yoga class.
  • “Well, I’m gonna make dinner.” Regardless of time of day.
  • “OK, I’m done talking to you now.”
  • “I gotta get to the living room. I’ll talk to you soon.”
  • “I actually haven’t eaten yet today so I gotta go.”
  • “OK gonna go jump in the shower.”
  • “That’s all I’ve got.”
  • “My phone is dying.”
  • “Well I gotta go walk my dog.”
  • “I have to feed my sourdough starter.”
  • "Oh ... Just got another call coming through." Hangs up and pours wine.