Corona-Slang! New Terms For A New Time!

During this very difficult time it seems we've found plenty of inventive ways to communicate and new words to reflect the time! The ZOOM meeting for example is not brand new but It sure has come in handy since we can't all be together. Clearly we can be so much more casual at these gatherings (pants optional). How many of you have been "Zooming" at work? Have you been "Zumped"? That's another new corona-speak term. It means you were dumped by someone during a ZOOM conversation. I like the names that are sprouting up for the children that will be conceived during your time in quarantine such as Quaranteens, Children of the Quarn, or Coronials. Other new slang words that have come out of life in the time of coronavirus include Quarantinis (stay-at-home cocktails), to COVID-15 , similar to the Freshman-15 weight gain). Then there's Miss Rona but please don't name your own child that, nor Pandemica, Quarantino, Covidia or any other variation of a Coronavirus term. It might be a difficult question to answer down the road, Mom and Dad, when the kids ask for your inspiration for their name. "Oh you were named after a deadly virus that swept the world in 2020." Thanks Mom!