Chewing The Fat About Misophonia ... aka I Hate To Hear You Chew!

Have you gotten "The Scowl" lately? You know the look. The one that, particularly during mealtime, says "Ya know, you chew really loudly". If there is a person in your life that has expressed such displeasure, they may have a condition known as Misophonia. Simply put, Misophonia is a condition where certain sounds drive people into a burst of rage or disgust. Now that Covid-19 has us a lot more time together we may be working each other's last nerve with loud crunching, chewing, slurping or that loud popping your jaw sometimes makes. It's not that you never heard it before but now you're hearing it all the time! Do what I do and drown it out with music during dinner and sit farther apart.

Seems many couples are annoying each other as well by the mess they leave while cooking or that one or the other is leaving cups and glasses everywhere! As long as we must take the proper health precautions during this pandemic avoid the "food fights” whatever way you can. Believe it or not you will miss this time together once we get back to normal.