International Burger Day: How I'll Celebrate

When it comes to burgers my tastes are relatively simple yet specific. Very few restaurant burgers have me coming back for more. Applebees' Triple Bacon Ranch burger and B-Dubs All-American Cheese Burger are excellent. Non-chain favorites include burgers from Uncle John's in Mansfield and The Lyn-Way in Ashland.

When I'm doing the cooking, I'll choose an 85/15 ground beef and if I can't get the meat counter to form one-third or half pound patties for me, I have a press at home. (I like the ground prime rib patties I've only found at Walmart) I prefer grilling over frying any day. I'll salt & pepper both sides of the patty before cooking. I've learned to not squeeze the juice out of the burger by pressing down hard with the spatula during the grilling process, or cut them open to see if they're done. Juicy burgers are the best cooked to medium. When it comes to toppings my go-to is some BBQ sauce first during the later stages followed by cheese. I prefer colby-jack, baby swiss or provolone (or all three) on a buttered and toasted brioche bun (which I will toast on the grill). If I'm feeling adventurous I'll add a couple of strips of bacon, some iceberg lettuce and maybe some of those crunchy french onions, like the ones you put on a green bean casserole. I have no objections to putting some fries or potato chips in the stack but you can keep pickles, tomatoes, raw onion, mustard and mayo.

Top them how you like them. It's a matter of personal preference. I've heard recently of putting slices of avacado on top, and egg and hash brown has been popular for years, and Peanut butter and jelly was mentioned in an article I read recently. That one doesn't make sense to me. In the end there is no right or wrong way to serve up a burger except to always make sure the meat is properly cooked. Nobody wants to leave your cook-out with food poisoning. Happy Grilling!