Couples: Pets Can Be Good For Your Relationship


The Coronavirus pandemic and all that has come with it including sheltering in place , working from home and the fears of evening setting foot outside your home has many of us grasping for something positive. Something to make us feel good. Bringing a new four-legged friend into your life can do that particularly for couples.

If you adopted a pet in the last few months did it make a difference in your relationship? Research published in Psychology Today, stated couples who own a pet together are happier, have lower blood pressure than their non-pet-owning peers, and have more of a connection than couples who don't own a pet.

Caution: this is not an an all-encompassing fix for strained relationships, in my opinion. A new pet can mean a whole new set of responsibilities such as feeding, walking, waste clean-up and more. These are jobs you both should agree to share before that little fuzzy friend comes home with you.

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