The Birth Of Cool! Being Young And Chillin' In The Pool?

This is such an exciting time of the year and a little emotional. School's out for summer and tis' the season for increased water bills and a large square of dead grass on PawPaw's lawn. But like in the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins, the grandchildren won't be the right ages for the inflatable pool much longer. I found out today that larger floaty rings are needed, so a trip to the dollar store may happen tonight. Ava talked all last week that PawPaw is going to put up the pool. Both kids were supposed to earn this privilege but you know how that goes. Frankly I don't think GMaw could have stood any more begging so here we are, pool season. Ava is the "I'm hot", "I'm Cold" in and out of the pool. On the other hand there's Connor who, I think, would jump into the outdoor pool in January. If there's a water toy nearby he'll play with it and if not then he'll invent one with anything left laying nearby. Ten years from now neither will care about swimming at PawPaw & GMaw's, let alone fit into these little pools. I got a momentary glimpse of those days to come with the picture of Connor floating on the tube. Something struck me about his pose. It's not the usual "I hate getting my picture taken" look and he doesn't look 'almost seven'. He seems older and dare I say cooler as if he's saying with his pose "How you doin' " (ala Joey from FRIENDS). A future ladies' man, perhaps. Most definitely he's looking almost too big for this level of Summer fun. I'm hoping that with another sister on the way he finds a way to enjoy this a few more years. I know we will.