Three Guys You May Remember From TV Make Up Country's Hottest New Trio!

Do you remember these artists: former American Idol contestants, Craig Wayne BoydCasey James and a runner-up from The Voice Adam Wakefield? I'll admit I sort of remember the names but I could never have picked them out of a line-up. I going to go out on a limb and say that female viewers of those shows will spot them right away. Boyd, James and Wakefield have formed a trio called Texas Hill. The band's name holds a special meaning for the guys -- Craig and Casey are both from Texas, and Adam lived on a street called Texas Hill Road in New Hampshire. The trio has been working on their first album while still pursuing their solo careers. They sound fantastic together and have a rather unique sound that may find a place on Country Radio. I hope you enjoy the video for "Darket Sky" by Texas Hill.