When Did You Become Your Father?

The late Bruce Appleby
Matt Appleby, Son of Bruce

When does a man "become" his father? According to a recent study you start becoming your father at the age of 37. The survey , posted on SWNS Digital, also found that 68% of dads feel more like their father each passing year.

For me it's been a gradual process. Dad became a father for the first time at the age of 23. I was 24. He became a Grandpa at the age of 47. I was 51. I'm sure I started showing signs we were both music lovers when I was a toddler. He played in bands, I grew to "play the radio"...for a living. I began showing signs I had his sense of humor by my early teens. I don't know if you are "becoming your father" when you learn certain skills as taught by your father such as how to properly mow the lawn or wash and wax the car, but I did. Speaking of which, Dad got his first and only mini van (a VW Micro bus) at around 31 years old. I was 23 when I moved from a compact car to a Chevy Astro Van. (my first of 3 minivans) We both prefer to buy new when we can, too. I was in my mid 30's when he passed the symbolic "golden spatula" down to me, a grilling honor I've yet to truly deserve. I have vivid memories of Dad , in his 40's (and many many years after), snoozing in his recliner. I've had a close personal relationship with my recliner for decades my self. I often dress like him...in shorts with a button up shirt. Dad accessorized that look with black socks and moccasins. Not me, it's white socks and sneakers. Even to this day, when I lose my patience I'll hear Mom or my wife Kelly say "You're just like your father", so we have that in common. Hopefully an early exit is something we won't share. Dad passed when he was 60 and I'll turn 58 this Summer.

When did I become my father? I imagine I always have been and at the same time never will be. I've got a long way to go to be that good of a man.

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