Help Matt Find A Good Hot Dog For Grilling!

Hot Dogs on Grill

I love a grilled hot dog as much as the next guy but I am having the darnedest time finding one I like to prepare at home. I sure could use a suggestion or two from you. It seems no matter what the brand, they always taste better when someone else is doing the cooking. Restaurant hot dogs (or coneys) generally taste good. When I get one at the ballpark I choose the quarter pound all beef and the Indians serve Sugardale brand. They are always great! Maybe it's being there in the stands that makes me enjoy them more. I'll tell ya one brand I loved was Buckeye Stadium Dogs. I use to find them at Kroger but I think the manufacturer stopped making them. I recently finished a package of Sugardale New York Style. They're not bad and right now I'm working through a package of Nathan's all beef hot dogs. They taste ok but DO NOT plump up. Which brings me to Ballpark Franks..."they plump when you cook 'em". I'm no longer impressed whether it be regular or bun-sized, traditional or all beef. I don't even bother with Kahn's or Oscar Meyer. So where does that leave me? Which do you like best? Let me know at Just put "Hot Dogs" in the subject box. And thanks!