Ashland's Fireworks: A Spectacular Night For Your Eyes & Ears!

Let the City of Ashland and 101.3 WNCO be your Independence Day entertainment this Saturday Night. Ashland Mayor Matt Miller tells us we'll see a fireworks display like never before. PyroTechnico will be launching the fireworks and for the first time in Ashland, using five inch shells instead of four inch shells. What does that mean? The fireworks will be launched higher in the sky, thus allowing the show to be seen from a broader viewing area. Why is that important? Because of social distancing rules and the safety of the community, there will not be a ground display at Community Stadium and no one will be permitted to sit in the stadium to watch. Mayor Miller announced that The Ashland County Fair Board will open the fairgrounds to allow spectators to watch the fireworks from there. Mayor Miller also shared that he has heard that Freer Field is another popular viewing location.

As far as the musical soundtrack for your fireworks, tune in to 101.3 WNCO on your radios beginning at 9:58pm for a medley of patriotic themed country, pop, rock, R&B and marches to begin at 10:00pm sharp. Weather is expected to be perfect this weekend but should a storm roll in, Mayor Miller says the city will try again on July 5th.