The "Mask". I Have Mine!

So far, during this Coronavirus pandemic I've been pretty good about wearing a mask to protect myself from getting sick. Now, I'm not going to preach at you. I'm just sharing how I've handled things since wearing a mask became suggested and in some cases mandatory. I started with a homemade mask constructed from a bandana, coffee filter and a couple of hair bands. I progressed to a heavy black felt variety purchased at an office supply store. Then came a white cotton cloth style that feels like t-shirt material and resemble a tiny pair of underwear on my face. We here at the station we're provided one of those and one of the disposable kind similar to what medical staff wear, though not of the N95 protection level. Check the photo gallery below.

Perhaps the most stylish is the "gator scarf"; the Cleveland Browns one I'm wearing in the photo. it's comfortable and can be used to cover one's face or used as a neck scarf, head scarf or headband. Versatile yes. Colorful, well orange and brown are my favorite football team colors.

I'll admit, sometimes I find them hard to breathe thru. I guess that's the point but I worry about breathing in too much of my own carbon monoxide; and yes I've been light headed and gotten headaches after wearing them while shopping.

The question remains do any of them do any good. I think yes. This virus is airborne so if I can do anything to keep droplets of "The Rona" from flying from your nose or mouth and entering my system, I will. I'm not alone. I see many people wearing some sort of mask in public. It troubles me though that number is way fewer than the ones who don't protect themselves at all. Store and restaurant employees need to up their game. I've seen many that cover their mouths but not their noses. In fact one server I saw had her chin and neck well protected but not her mouth and nose. What good does that do?

There are others, still, that won't wear a mask simply as a way to exercise their rights to do as they please. I actually had a shopper tell me a mask is not needed because this whole thing is a hoax. Believe what you want but I'd rather wear some sort of protective mask than a respirator.

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