Covid-Conundrum: To Date Or Not To Date?

People are ready to get back to normal dating again – but they are being cautious about it. A new survey by and reported in PRNewswire found that 85% of daters are excited to get back to real-life dating again – including meeting people they met online over the last few months in person. But 60% of those surveyed said they plan to ease into in-person dating, because they want to be careful.

If you're willing to risk contracting COVID-19 by returning to the dating scene at least the excuse to break it off is already built in. Just say "I'm too worried! this whole Coronavirus-thing is scarier than I thought" and "I don't know who you've been exposed to and you don't know who I've been exposed to. Let's try again later when the world is safer". You won't even have to break up face to face. It's super trendy to do it by text. Even though everyone agrees that breaking up with someone over text is cold and cowardly – it’s amazingly common. According to a survey of Millennials by text marketing software company SimpleTexting and reported in Bustle, 57% admitted that they’d broken up with someone over text and a whopping 69% said they’d been broken up with via text.