Local Musician Appears In New Brad Paisley Video!

It pays to strike up a friendship with a celebrity on social media. That's exactly what Mansfielder Taylor Schlupp did with Country Music Star Brad Paisley. A love for "pickin'" brought the two into each other's universe and the next thing you know they are texting each other, sharing performance clips and talking gear. Brad was impressed with Taylor's playing and asked him "can you play my song 'Nervous Breakdown' (from Brad's first album)? Well of course Taylor said yes and submitted a video. That clip may end up on a future Brad video. Later Taylor gets a call from an associate of Brad's and gets invited to participate in a ZOOM jam session. It's Taylor's performance of the guitar solo in Brad's "No I In Beer" that gets used in Brad's new ZOOM-influenced video for the song. Watch for Taylor about 1:58 secs into the clip below. Oh and by the way pay close attention to the other people you might recognize who are also "co-starring" with Brad ...and Taylor :).