When You Get Away, Do You Really Get Away?

How wasteful is it to spend all of that money on gear and supplies, and drive hundreds of miles to a special secluded location only to sit and stare at your cell phones the whole time? Whatever happened to a real family getaway? Remember singing songs, toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories around the campfire? You never do that? You must be too busy taking a selfie or updating your status. Traditional camping activities have disappeared. You're less concerned with finding a scenic spot to pitch a tent and more concerned with signal strength. A new survey found that 83% of campers and RV-ers take their gadgets and devices away with them. 41% said they couldn’t imagine being in the great outdoors without their phones. Even toasting marshmallows is a thing of the past. 60% of adults polled said they had cooked marshmallows over a fire, with just 40% of kids saying they have done so. Two-thirds of parents said they have built a fire compared to one-third of kids. And 37% of the parents surveyed said their kids find camping traditions like putting up a tent and sitting around a campfire to be boring. (stats provided by SWNS)