The Pandemic Is Making Your Dog Fat, Too!

You wanna know what I think? I think that the "Quarantine 15" that you put on is affecting your dog too. Think about it. If you're snacking more than ever it only makes sense you are sharing your snacks with the dog.

According to an article in Greenwich Time (Greenwich Time) It may seem like people are walking their dogs way more than usual, but a new survey by Banfield Pet Hospital, shows that many pet owners say the pandemic has made their pets pudgier. "It's too soon to tell if the COVID crisis has resulted in weight gain for the average pet," said veterinarian Andrea Sanchez. But of the pet owners surveyed, "33% said they thought their pet had gained weight -- and it was especially dog owners."

Boston-based dog walker Danielle deWildt, said she's seen noticeable weight gain in the dogs she walks – especially those in the city. "They've put on so much weight that their bodies move like Jell-O," Danielle said. "I can see the fat rolling on their bodies." (Greenwich Time)