No Country Show At The Ashland Fair This Year, But WNCO Celebrates Anyway

Sara Evans in concert 2015

Tonight was supposed to be Sara Evans night at The Ashland County Fair. This show, like thousands of others, had to be cancelled to keep the artist, band, crew, venue staff and fans safe from the Coronavirus. In addition to the concert, there are no rides, games, hobbies, displays and other attractions outside of food and junior fair activities. It's so sad to see empty grandstands and an empty stage platform. (see pictures below)

On the brighter side Sara Evans has agreed to perform at the 2021 Ashland County Fair and, to make you feel a little better about missing tonight's show, 101.3 WNCO is featuring the music of Sara Evans until 11:00 tonight. Listen for Evan's hits "Suds In The Bucket", "Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus", "Born To Fly" and more on Mid Ohio's Country.

Ashland County Fair Grandstands - empty for 2020 fair
Ashland County Fair - empty stage platform

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