Top Ten Football Movies: Redbox Ranks Them

Denzel Washington Stars In Remember The Titans

What is your favorite football movie? With "The Big Game" approaching the cable networks will be airing their share of big screen favorites including "Remember the Titans", "Varsity Blues" and "Any Given Sunday". If I were to put together my personal Top Ten Football movies the list would have to include "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner as the GM of the Cleveland Browns. That's one of those movies that if I run across it on television I'll stop and watch the rest of it, no matter where I pick it up. I love the part when Costner says to another team's GM "I want my picks back, ALL of them!" Good times! The 2014 film came out when The Browns were putting together a long string of one bad season after anothr. This movie gave us a little hope at the time. My list might also include a few based-on-actual-events films "Remember The Titans", "The Express - The Ernie Davis Story" and the tragic true story "We are Marshall". Possibly the fictional prison/football movie(s) The Longest Yard. (either version) would make the list. For laughs there's "Little Giants" and "Waterboy". I've enjoyed "Invincible" starring Mark Wahlberg and "The Replacements" with Keanu Reeves. Notre Dame fans forgive me but I don't go all weepy for "Rudy" and while I've watched "Jerry Maguire" numerous times I consider it a chick flick. But topping the Football Movie list for me (and a definite top 5 if the category was simply Sports Movies) is "Brian's Song". And Yes I WILL go all weepy watching this one. It's the real life story of Chicago Bears player Brian Piccolo (played by James Caan), his friendship with Gales Sayers (played by Billy Dee Williams) and Piccolo's battle with terminal cancer. I highly recommend watching it with a box of tissues nearby.

Our friends at the movie rental kiosk company Redbox called upon their experts to prepare its Top 10 list of Favorite Football Flicks. Any of your favorites make the list?

Top 10 Favorite Football Movies

1.       Rudy

2.       Remember the Titans

3.       The Blind Side

4.       We Are Marshall

5.       Friday Night Lights

6.       Any Given Sunday

7.       Varsity Blues

8.       Draft Day

9.       Jerry Maguire

10.   Little Giants

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