Love Songs: The Ones That Mean The Most To Kelly & I

Kelly & Matt Appleby - wedding day

Love songs. So many to choose from and everybody's list is different. Ours includes songs that were around when we fell in love, songs we discovered along the way and some that fit our life together today. This Valentine's season I've assembled some of the songs that mean the most to us.

Queen's "Love Of My Life" is a song Kelly was very familiar with but that I did not know. That is until we saw Queen w-Paul Rodgers in concert. The crowd sang the whole song and I was very moved.

Kathy Mattea's "Where've You Been" is a touching true story written by Mattea's husband about his grandparents. This is Kelly and I growing old together.

Restless Heart - "I'll Still Be Loving You" is the song we "fell in love" to. It's among a handful we call "our songs".

Clint Black - "Something That We Do" was one that could have been out bridal dance. Listen to the words. It's a great slow dance!

Glen Campbell & Emmylou Harris - "You Are" is another sweet love song with a very meaningful lyric. When I hear it, I think of us.

Brad Paisley - "New Favorite Memory" wins out over a few other Brad tunes that fit Kelly & I. There's "Then", "Little Moments" and "Today". Give "New Favorite Memory" a listen and see how just the simplest snapshot of life together can be one to treasure...until that next one comes along.

Harry Connick Jr. - "It Had To Be You" is "Our Song" from "Our Movie" ("When Harry Met Sally"). Whenever we hear Harry's version of this classic it brings back every good memory from our wedding day. This was our bridal dance song. We tried a little fancy footwork for this one. A little twirl hear, a little dip there. Our love for the movie this song was the theme song for came first, but the song will forever be the song that represents us.

Dan + Shay "Glad You Exist" just came out. Now these two guys can sing a love song! There's "Shameless", "All To Myself" "Show You Off" among them. But "Glad You Exist" show's appreciation for someone special in a phrasing I've never heard before. "I'm glad you exist". A sentiment you can share with anyone special in your life...friend, family or significant other. I love it!

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