The Price Of Beer? It Depends On What Country You Are In

Beer glasses and bottles

For some beer drinkers, beer is best when it's cheap. It's even better when it's free like when someone else is buying. When you are at a sporting event or concert (remember those?) and you want a beer you'll pay however steep the rate is at any given venue. If the price of a beer determines whether or not you imbibe, here's some helpful information.

According to the World Beer Index 2021 the least expensive beer (standard measurement of 330ml or 11.159 ounces) is $1.69 per bottle and can be found in South Africa. The most expensive beer in the world is sold in Qatar is $11.26 per the same size container. The Muslim country's ranking is also due to the country introducing a 100% tax on imported beer in advance of the 2022 World Cup and visitors must buy a beer drinking permit. In China the price ranges from $13.61 in a hotel to $1.81 at the supermarket. In The United States the average price is $4.75 per beer.

Want some other interesting beer facts? Germans spend more on beer than anyone else in the world; an average of over $1,907 per person per year. The Czech Republic has the highest consumption rate of 468 beers per person per year.

For a look at beer prices around the globe visit the World Beer Index 2021 visit

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