Hula Hoops: Regaining Popularity With New Functionality!

It's amazing what we do when we're bored or craving attention. Adult users of the video app TikTok have turned to hula hooping. The Hula Hoop, which first came on the scene in the late 50's/early 60's (historical accounts vary) and has been a cheap way to entertain kids and adults for years. The craze is heating back up as people are recording themselves trying to spin that hoop or multiple hoops around their hips for laughs and attention on social media. But it's not only the "look at me" generation that's jumping on the Hula Hoop band wagon. Enhanced versions of the hoops are sparking a new exercise craze. Clip-on weights can be ordered to attach to a standard Hula Hoop for resistance. The harder it is to spin, the more calories you burn, right? Google "Smart Hula Hoop" and check out this space-aged looking devise. (sorry, no photo available) It reminds me of an over-sized teething ring created in Doc Brown's lab. With its advanced technology it not only burns calories but it also measures how many while also massaging you. It's adjustable, never falls off and, and this scares me a little, never leaves bruises. I had no idea that was a concern! I may have to try this new advanced Smart Hula Hoop just don't expect a video on social media. I still have some pride.